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Make Vista Look Like XP Classic Without Hacks
Windows Vista Tutorials - Personalization

Make Vista Look Like XP Classic Without Hacks Windows Vista comes with a beautiful graphical user interface but some people enjoy using the uncluttered classic Windows XP theme instead. Using the classic Windows XP theme is also a good way to adapt to the new Windows Vista layout. If you want to make your Windows Vista look like Windows XP, here is a tutorial to get you started.

Low Vibrancy
Photoshop Tutorials - Photo Effects

image Reduce the saturation of your photos in a unique way. This effect uses two adjustment layers to lower the vibrancy of the photo while preserving some colors.

Modern Art
Photoshop Tutorials - Photo Effects

imageApply this new modern art effect to your photos. This is a good way to create a unique effect similar to vector and pop art.

How to Retouch Eyes Professionally
Photoshop Tutorials - Photo Retouching

imageLearn how to retouch eyes naturally with Photoshop and not overdo it. Many professional photographers retouch the eyes to enlarge the pupils as a natural and subtle enhancement.

3D Hosting Rack
Photoshop Tutorials - Drawing

3D Hosting Rack Create a futuristic hosting rack with Photoshop. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw objects by creating shapes, adding styles, and repeating objects.

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